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“Rarely do films come across our screens that tie in so nicely with the conversations happening in our communities. ZERO WEEKS was a reminder of just how powerful the documentary form can be.”

Ben Fowlie, Executive Director of Camden International Film Festival

“The momentum behind the paid leave movement is undeniable. Activists all across the country have been fighting for policies at the state and national level; in just over a year, we’ve doubled the number of states (from 3 to 6) which passed paid leave. This film will be a powerful tool to create awareness and engagement.”

Ellen Bravo, Co-Director of Family Values @ Work

ZERO WEEKS is a stark and poignant look at the consequences of inaction on paid leave in the U.S. More than anything else, though, ZERO WEEKS wants you to feel outraged. And in the end, it begs the question: Why do lawmakers fight against policies that would benefit workers and their families, and boost the country’s economy?”

Annamarya Scaccia, Romper